James N Taylor LPA - James N. Tayler, LPA

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BEWARE!!!Not to be trusted.Attorney that you should avoid at all costs.

Don't trust that this attorney and make sure that you have looked elsewhere for help as there are many attorneys in your area. Buyer beware!!! You have many other choices have the ability to research attorneys in the Lorain County area and surronding cities that will advise you. Be careful be smart the choice is yours.

You should beware of the James N.

Taylor, LPA and be skillful enough to find alternatives to your cause.Search the web and find someone that you feel will best suit your needs.



Not sure when he receives his law degree but guess it was online through a foreign country.His bed side manner is lacking and overall has to many connections or fiend that do not allow him to be subjective.

As a well educated profession-bottom line-he is at best at the same level of the bottom of a trash can on a 90 degree day in humidity.Do not waste your time or energy

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